How the Wind Field Display Wireless Link Works

The optional wireless link feature provides a virtual connection between a Control Unit transmitter ("TX") and up to six remote display Control Unit receivers ("RX 1-6"). Using a wireless link provides a number of benefits, the biggest of which is that a hard cabling connection is not needed between the Control Unit and the LED displays. Another benefit is that one or more display boxes can be easily moved to optimum viewing locations for portable applications. The illustration below shows the components required to implement a typical Wind Field Display wireless link.


The wind sensors are connected to a Control Unit (blue boxes in diagram) that has been configured as the "Remote TX" via the Unit Config setup screen. One or more additional Control Units are then configured each with a unique receiver ID as "Remote RX 1" through "Remote RX 6" so they can receive the wireless wind sensor data and process and display it. Note that the LED displays in Display Unit "TX" are not always needed: in many environments the wind sensors will be set up "out of the way" where a display unit is not needed; in this case the Control Unit just transmits the wind sensor data to the remote displays.

Each remote display is individually controlled Since the remote TX Control Unit sends the wind sensor data via the wireless link, not the display digits themselves, each remote RX can individually set one or more wind parameters to be displayed. This makes it possible, for example, for a pair of remote display units to each show a different set of wind parameters. One display unit could always show the current speed while the other could show the peak speed and direction. Many such combinations are possible. It's also possible to connect and configure a separate alarm device for each remote RX Control Unit.

Installation and more operation details can be found in the Wind Field Display user guide found in Documents tab on the Products page.

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