E-A Ships New Product: GliderScore Display Interface

E-A releases a fully assembled and tested board that enables clubs and contest organizations to build low cost LED time displays that support the popular RC Soaring scoring program GliderScore.

Press Release

 Sacramento, CA May 12, 2015 -- Embedded-Ability announced its new product the GliderScore Display Interface. The Interface board accepts commands from a GliderScore computer and displays competition event times in minutes:seconds format on four outdoor LED display digits.

"The goal of this fast-tracked project was to provide a low cost-of-entry alternative to higher priced turnkey sports displays," said Chris Bajorek, president of E-A. "What we designed is an easy to install board that works with a variety of off-the-shelf LED displays that contest organizations can buy online. This eliminates the middleman in their purchase and gives them a highly visible and functional display for the lowest possible cost."

PCB-shot-200pxThe Display Interface is an embedded processor-based system designed to be directly connected to a computer that is running the popular GliderScore scoring application. It connects to the computer via a serial port or USB-to-serial adapter. GliderScore sends periodic display commands that the Display Interface board converts to display signals connecting to four external 7-segment LED display boards. These LED boards can range from small to very large depending on visibility needs.

The power-efficient Interface Board is designed to work in AC and battery-powered environments and supports options that allow for easy configuration of the timer display.

The GliderScore Display Interface is available for immediate delivery and comes with a comprehensive user guide that covers interface board and LED display installation tips and techniques. For more information see the product page. To order see the E-A Store page.

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