Wind Field Display V1.2 is Released

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Embedded-Ability Releases V1.2 of the Wind Field Display; Support is Introduced for Wireless Connectivity to Remote Displays

With this new option the Wind Field Display now has the ability to connect to as many as six remote display units via a wireless link. This not only reduces the time and labor cost of permanent installations but makes possible a wide variety of portable single and multi-display configurations.

Sacramento, CA  March 18, 2014 -- Embedded-Ability announced today the latest release V1.2 of its Wind Field Display product. This offering now supports a wireless connectivity add-on that enables a wireless link to as many as six remote display units.

Wireless-setup-400pxThe new V1.2 firmware in the Wind Field Display's Control Unit supports the ability to run as either a wireless transmitter or as a wireless receiver. When configured as a transmitter the Control Unit reads the locally-connected wind sensors (i.e. speed and/or direction) and transmits the sensor data via a 2.4GHz link to as many as six remote Control Units each of which is connected to an LED display. In addition, the transmitter can also be configured with a local LED display if desired.

This new wireless option includes two plug-in modules: a standard module with a wireless range of up to 750 feet and a high power module with a range up to 2000 feet. In both cases a standard external 4" whip antenna is included.

"With this release we are solving the biggest installation challenge with the Wind Field Display: namely, how to easily set up one or more displays in optimum viewing locations," said Chris Bajorek, founder of Embedded-Ability. "Now it is possible to quickly position the displays for best visibility without hundreds of feet of cable or typical cable-routing headaches."

Another benefit of the wireless option is the ability to configure multiple LED display units to show different wind parameters. For example, one display unit could be set to always show the current speed while the other could show the peak speed and wind direction. Many such combinations are possible.

The Wind Field Display V1.2 is available for immediate release in two versions: (1) a standard wireless module and (2) a high power module. Both modules can be installed on either the Control Unit board or on the Control Unit that comes pre-installed in a weatherproof NEMA-rated enclosure. In both cases a small fold-out whip antenna is included with a short cable that connects to the wireless module. Higher gain antennas are available upon request for special applications.

End-user wireless option pricing is available on the Embedded-Ability website Store page. Embedded-Ability also sells compatible wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors, and LED display boards. Bundle, dealer, and OEM pricing is available.

About Embedded-Ability:

Embedded-Ability is a new player in the embedded processing product space. Our mission is to produce innovative feature-rich embedded products that address vertical niche market needs. The Wind Field Display is the first commercial product in this venture.


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