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Embedded-Ability Releases V1.1 of the Wind Field Display; Support is Introduced for Wind Direction Sensors and a Flexible Sensor Interface

The Latest Wind Field Display with its new wind direction feature is ready for a slate of new field-readable applications. The flexible sensor interface and the new Options Module expansion slot will make the Wind Field Display even more able to deliver cost-effective wind condition displays.

Sacramento, CA  February 1, 2014 -- Embedded-Ability announced today the latest release V1.1 of its Wind Field Display product which now supports the display of wind direction in addition to current, average, and peak wind speeds. The Wind Field Display product offers a field-readable speed and direction display via large high intensity LED digits.  As with the previous release it continues to support a wind speed alarm feature that enables visual and/or audible alarms when wind speeds exceed a user-specified level.

Control Unit in boxFlexible sensor interface. Based on customer requests this new release has been updated with a flexible sensor interface that will allow the support of a wider range of wind speed and direction sensors. This will give users a better choice of sensor options based on their needs for accuracy, ruggedness, and cost. The on-board sensor supply is designed to survive the typical problems that can occur in the real world.

Time-saving zero degrees setup modes.  With most weather console products setting the zero degrees windvane direction involves physically rotating the sensor for the manufacturer's zero degree heading. Embedded-Ability considered the needs of both permanant and portable installations and created a flexible zero-point setting capability. The user has the option of choosing three different zero-set modes: "Factory" for using the factory zero degrees direction, "Manual" for setting and saving the zero degrees point for any direction in the windvane's range, and "Power-ON" for assigning zero degrees to the windvane direction when Control Unit power is turned on. The latter is the ideal choice for portable Wind Field Display systems.

"We are excited to have been able to respond so quickly to our early customer requests for wind direction," said Chris Bajorek, founder of Embedded-Ability. "They spoke and we listened. And we are even more proud to have so quickly implemented the Options Module expansion slot for requested add-on features that are already in development for release starting in a few short months."

User-adjustable Wind Direction filter. The new wind direction display is aided by a Trigonometric Wind Vector Rolling Average filter that ensures smooth, consistent, and accurate readings of the prevailing wind direction. Without this filter direction readings are subject to "jumpiness" due to wind sensor zero degree boundary transitions as well as gusty wind conditions. To combat this behavior Embedded-Ability developed a special user-adjustable filter that allows the Wind Field Display to be customized for just the right tradeoff between responsiveness and smoothness of the direction display.

A self-calibrating sensor interface in this release ensures that wind measurements remain accurate through a wide range of environmental and electrical conditions. Other weather console products can lose significant accuracy as internal measurement components are affected by component aging, thermal drift, and humidity conditions. The Wind Field Display employs an innovative combined hardware and software technique that monitors and compensates for these errors.

The Wind Field Display V1.1 is available for immediate release in two versions:  (1) a Control Unit board plus front panel module that can be installed into a user-provided enclosure, or (2) a Control Unit module that comes pre-installed in a weatherproof plastic enclosure that is NEMA-rated for outdoor environments. Embedded-Ability also sells compatible wind speed sensors, wind direction sensors, and LED display boards. Bundle, dealer, and OEM pricing is available.

About Embedded-Ability:

Embedded-Ability is a new player in the embedded processing product space. Our mission is to produce innovative feature-rich embedded products that address vertical niche market needs. The Wind Field Display is the first commercial product in this venture.


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