E-A On the Road

This past month we have been busy on the road demonstrating the Wind Field Display. Last weekend we were invited to set up and demo at the BlackHawk Ranch Fly-in for paragliders and ultralights.

The flying site is located just east of New Hogan Lake an hour south of Sacramento. Pilots came from all over northern California to enjoy the blue skies and great flying conditions. And, of course, they all got accurate wind info from the Wind Field Display before they took off.


This coming weekend Embedded-Ability will be at Visalia in central California for the annual Fall Fest for radio controlled (RC) competition gliders. Pilots from all over the U.S. will be flying in a 2-day "thermal duration" competition. As with paragliders, RC glider pilots must also be mindful of wind conditions both during launches and landings. The Wind Field Display will provide not only current wind conditions to these pilots but also an alarm when wind speeds exceed a safety threshold.

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