Let's Get Started!

After many months of burning startup company midnight oil in the development lab we're finally ready to bring Embedded-Ability out in the open and start getting our Wind Field Display product in the hands of real customers. Through September we will be in limited production as we fine tune our production process but we expect to be ready to ramp up as demand dictates.

Not only are we excited about getting our new venture rolling but just as much we're excited about responding to your feedback and suggestions. And when we say "respond" we don't just mean talk with you, we mean taking your inputs and hopefully turning many of them into new features or even new products. That attitude is also reflected in how the Services arm of our company is designed to work in cooperation with our own turnkey product development activities. 

While we're happy with the look and feel of this first release of our website we already have a list of future pages and features that will deliver even more helpful information to E-A customers.

Thanks for checking in and don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.

Chris Bajorek

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