E-A releases a fully assembled and tested board that enables clubs and contest organizations to build low cost LED time displays that support the popular RC Soaring scoring program GliderScore.

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 Sacramento, CA May 12, 2015 -- Embedded-Ability announced its new product the GliderScore Display Interface. The Interface board accepts commands from a GliderScore computer and displays competition event times in minutes:seconds format on four outdoor LED display digits.

"The goal of this fast-tracked project was to provide a low cost-of-entry alternative to higher priced turnkey sports displays," said Chris Bajorek, president of E-A. "What we designed is an easy to install board that works with a variety of off-the-shelf LED displays that contest organizations can buy online. This eliminates the middleman in their purchase and gives them a highly visible and functional display for the lowest possible cost."

PCB-shot-200pxThe Display Interface is an embedded processor-based system designed to be directly connected to a computer that is running the popular GliderScore scoring application. It connects to the computer via a serial port or USB-to-serial adapter. GliderScore sends periodic display commands that the Display Interface board converts to display signals connecting to four external 7-segment LED display boards. These LED boards can range from small to very large depending on visibility needs.

The power-efficient Interface Board is designed to work in AC and battery-powered environments and supports options that allow for easy configuration of the timer display.

The GliderScore Display Interface is available for immediate delivery and comes with a comprehensive user guide that covers interface board and LED display installation tips and techniques. For more information see the product page. To order see the E-A Store page.

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Embedded-Ability Releases V1.2 of the Wind Field Display; Support is Introduced for Wireless Connectivity to Remote Displays

With this new option the Wind Field Display now has the ability to connect to as many as six remote display units via a wireless link. This not only reduces the time and labor cost of permanent installations but makes possible a wide variety of portable single and multi-display configurations.

Sacramento, CA  March 18, 2014 -- Embedded-Ability announced today the latest release V1.2 of its Wind Field Display product. This offering now supports a wireless connectivity add-on that enables a wireless link to as many as six remote display units.

Wireless-setup-400pxThe new V1.2 firmware in the Wind Field Display's Control Unit supports the ability to run as either a wireless transmitter or as a wireless receiver. When configured as a transmitter the Control Unit reads the locally-connected wind sensors (i.e. speed and/or direction) and transmits the sensor data via a 2.4GHz link to as many as six remote Control Units each of which is connected to an LED display. In addition, the transmitter can also be configured with a local LED display if desired.

This new wireless option includes two plug-in modules: a standard module with a wireless range of up to 750 feet and a high power module with a range up to 2000 feet. In both cases a standard external 4" whip antenna is included.

"With this release we are solving the biggest installation challenge with the Wind Field Display: namely, how to easily set up one or more displays in optimum viewing locations," said Chris Bajorek, founder of Embedded-Ability. "Now it is possible to quickly position the displays for best visibility without hundreds of feet of cable or typical cable-routing headaches."

Another benefit of the wireless option is the ability to configure multiple LED display units to show different wind parameters. For example, one display unit could be set to always show the current speed while the other could show the peak speed and wind direction. Many such combinations are possible.

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This past month we have been busy on the road demonstrating the Wind Field Display. Last weekend we were invited to set up and demo at the BlackHawk Ranch Fly-in for paragliders and ultralights.

The flying site is located just east of New Hogan Lake an hour south of Sacramento. Pilots came from all over northern California to enjoy the blue skies and great flying conditions. And, of course, they all got accurate wind info from the Wind Field Display before they took off.


This coming weekend Embedded-Ability will be at Visalia in central California for the annual Fall Fest for radio controlled (RC) competition gliders. Pilots from all over the U.S. will be flying in a 2-day "thermal duration" competition. As with paragliders, RC glider pilots must also be mindful of wind conditions both during launches and landings. The Wind Field Display will provide not only current wind conditions to these pilots but also an alarm when wind speeds exceed a safety threshold.

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Embedded-Ability Releases V1.1 of the Wind Field Display; Support is Introduced for Wind Direction Sensors and a Flexible Sensor Interface

The Latest Wind Field Display with its new wind direction feature is ready for a slate of new field-readable applications. The flexible sensor interface and the new Options Module expansion slot will make the Wind Field Display even more able to deliver cost-effective wind condition displays.

Sacramento, CA  February 1, 2014 -- Embedded-Ability announced today the latest release V1.1 of its Wind Field Display product which now supports the display of wind direction in addition to current, average, and peak wind speeds. The Wind Field Display product offers a field-readable speed and direction display via large high intensity LED digits.  As with the previous release it continues to support a wind speed alarm feature that enables visual and/or audible alarms when wind speeds exceed a user-specified level.

Control Unit in boxFlexible sensor interface. Based on customer requests this new release has been updated with a flexible sensor interface that will allow the support of a wider range of wind speed and direction sensors. This will give users a better choice of sensor options based on their needs for accuracy, ruggedness, and cost. The on-board sensor supply is designed to survive the typical problems that can occur in the real world.

Time-saving zero degrees setup modes.  With most weather console products setting the zero degrees windvane direction involves physically rotating the sensor for the manufacturer's zero degree heading. Embedded-Ability considered the needs of both permanant and portable installations and created a flexible zero-point setting capability. The user has the option of choosing three different zero-set modes: "Factory" for using the factory zero degrees direction, "Manual" for setting and saving the zero degrees point for any direction in the windvane's range, and "Power-ON" for assigning zero degrees to the windvane direction when Control Unit power is turned on. The latter is the ideal choice for portable Wind Field Display systems.

"We are excited to have been able to respond so quickly to our early customer requests for wind direction," said Chris Bajorek, founder of Embedded-Ability. "They spoke and we listened. And we are even more proud to have so quickly implemented the Options Module expansion slot for requested add-on features that are already in development for release starting in a few short months."

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After many months of burning startup company midnight oil in the development lab we're finally ready to bring Embedded-Ability out in the open and start getting our Wind Field Display product in the hands of real customers. Through September we will be in limited production as we fine tune our production process but we expect to be ready to ramp up as demand dictates.

Not only are we excited about getting our new venture rolling but just as much we're excited about responding to your feedback and suggestions. And when we say "respond" we don't just mean talk with you, we mean taking your inputs and hopefully turning many of them into new features or even new products. That attitude is also reflected in how the Services arm of our company is designed to work in cooperation with our own turnkey product development activities. 

While we're happy with the look and feel of this first release of our website we already have a list of future pages and features that will deliver even more helpful information to E-A customers.

Thanks for checking in and don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.

Chris Bajorek

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