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Embedded-Ability is a new player in the embedded processing product space. Our mission is to produce innovative feature-rich embedded products that address vertical niche market needs. Our first product—the Wind Field Display—is a near-perfect embodiment of this vision: high performance, rugged, and feature-rich yet easy to set up and use.

Two key areas of focus at E-A: documentation and product testing. We believe a product is not complete until it is delivered with a well thought out user guide. i.e. one that is produced as an integral part of the development process, not just as a rushed afterthought at the end of the product's development cycle. With respect to testing our goal is to put products in our customer's hands that perform predictably and reliably right from the start. To that end testing is not just the last thing we do; rather, it is an integrated approach that starts with designing in both circuit and software features that enable thorough product tests. This vision comes from our extensive industry experience working with time-proven testing principles and methodologies.


E-A was founded by Chris Bajorekcv a products and services company founder in the telecommunications industry for over 2 decades. In founding E-A Chris is returning to his electronic engineering roots and his love of product design.

E-A is actively pursuing OEM custom product relationships. Contact us for details.



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